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Essay writing refers to a paper written by a writer on a specific topic. It is a short piece of writing and a platform for any writer to make his or her message reach the masses. There are various types of essays via which one can convey his or her any type of message and following are the types of essays:-

  1. Narrative essay: – As the name goes, such type of essay is written when the writer wants to tell a story or share any experience. It might sound easy to write such an essay but reality is, it is a complex task to undertake and complete.
  2. Descriptive essay: – It is better known as the cousin of the narrative essay. One draws a picture with the words in such type of essay. A writer describes a place, object, person, etc via this type of essay.
  3. Persuasive essay: – As per the name of the essay, the writer tries to pursue the audience. It is not done by manipulating the readers emotionally but convincing them using logics, reasoning, facts and figures.
  4. Analytical essay: – Writer needs a critical mind to answer all the questions of the analytical essay. He or she needs to analyze the topic and represent the content with examples and reasons.

Essay writing is a boring and tedious task according to students. They find it very difficult to put their confusing thoughts on paper in a coordinated manner. Students find the essay writing task difficult because they do not divide it into simple and small steps. In order to get rid of their job, they compromise with all type of things such as quality of the content. They end up in writing vague content and eventually lose marks. Students directly jump on to writing instead of researching properly, making notes and summary. Poor writing and researching skills are few other problems that students lose interest in the writing task. Our essay writing service has heard your cry for help. They know that essay writing is not the solo thing in your life. Another reason that you might need their help is because you are no more interested in writing a paper. Another reason could be that you started it on a great note but now you find yourself stuck and need guidance and there can be much more such problems. Well, not an issue for our writers because they do not believe in problems but solutions. They are essay writers from several years; they have been doing this work for ages and are well versed with essay writing pattern style, its format, structure, and design. They know all types of easy, just tell them the topic and they will let you know what type of essay has to be written. You can contact your assigned writer anytime via live chat and get all your queries resolved related to essay writing. You can provide them with the instructions and guidelines and they will write you an impeccable essay as per acceptable academic standards. If you are not satisfied with the paper given, you can get the same revised any number of times for free.


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