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The essay refers to the short piece of writing via which a writer gives his or her argument on a particular point. A well-written essay is the one which has been written as per the format and the predefined format of an essay is of five paragraphs and it is called ‘The five paragraph essay’. The first paragraph consists of introduction. This paragraph shall start with a statement that gets the readers hooked to the entire essay and there are many ways to do that, one way is to start the paragraph with a question. Once the reader’s attention is garbed one can move to the thesis. The thesis statement should be clear and writer’s position shall be explained in one statement to keep reader’s mind clear i.e. tell readers whether he or she is in favor of the argument or against it. With the help of an introduction, paragraph writer gives readers a clear understanding of what is coming up further. The second paragraph is body paragraph and it is divided into three parts. Different arguments are presented in different paragraphs and with an example. The last paragraph is the concluding paragraph in which an overview and conclusion are given. It contains many of the same features as introduction paragraph. Essay writing is not an interesting task according to students. They find it monotonous and brain draining. They think writing papers on a topic is not going to help them in any way in their future. Students do not find it easy to write their rambling thoughts on paper in an organized manner. One of the biggest mistakes students make is they do not take the task of essay writing seriously. They think this is something they have been doing for a long time and when the right time will come they will manage it, but it gets too late by then. Is essay writing proving itself difficult for you even though you have done this before many times? Well, don’t lose heart because the paper is easy when you write it at the school level but it upgrades as you move to college. Don’t be scared because all you need is proper guidance and you will back on the path. Our best essay writing service providers are the perfect mentors for you who will assist you in essay writing. They are in this field for a long time and they are masters of their field. Our elite team of the writer is known for producing remarkable papers and guiding their students in the right direction. They will not only write the paper but answer all your queries related to essay writing. They know the format, structure, design and writing style. They know all the types of the essay and will tell you simply by going through the topic. They will write the paper from scratch in order to give you an absolute new paper, which will be 100% plagiarism free. To take their help, all you have to do is fill the order from or you can place your requirement via email as well.


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